How to Become a Wedding Photographer

Photographing weddings is one of the go-to solutions for many photographers who wish to earn through their love of photography. Wedding events last a single day, and they take place quite often all around the world so it’s a good way of earning through photography.  

However, many newcomers in this side of photography wonder what they need to do in order to actually start making money. Here are a few tips for such aspiring wedding photographers: 

Hone Your Skills 

Before anything else, you need to improve your photography skills if you want to be a serious professional wedding photographer. This means that you should shoot as often as possible, work with different lighting conditions, experiment with different gear, and learn to post-process. Don’t worry, you don’t have to start with something complicated to get the hang of photo editing. Some of the best photo editing software for beginners provides everything you could want from a photo editor, so start with one of those.  

Figure Out Lenses 

You need to have at least a couple of essential lenses before you can go out and shoot a wedding professionally. Again, you don’t have to have all the best high-end gear but the basics need to be done right. A portrait lens and a wide-angle zoom one should be part of your kit at all times. Of course, you’ll benefit more from other lenses like a telephoto and a macro too, but these two should cover most of your needs. Be sure to have fast lenses though, as light can get really bad at some weddings.  

Shoot for Free 

To get an actual feel of how a wedding shoot works, offer your services for free to a relative or a friend. Treat that wedding as an actual event that you’re covering. If there is a professional wedding photographer covering it, try to notice what they are doing and learn from their experience. Covering a wedding for free is the best way to get used to wedding photography because you can later determine how ready you are to do it professionally. You’ll also realize where you need to improve and whether you need more lenses or lights etc. You should also ask for the couple’s feedback on the final photos so you can learn where you can get better.  

With these three tips, you will have everything you need to get started with wedding photography. It’s not an easy job to have the responsibility of covering someone’s special day perfectly, so you should be ready to do so before you put your work out there for potential clients to see.