Why You Need a Macro Lens

Wedding shoots are some of the most diverse shooting experiences you’ll have in one day. There is so much going on that it’s hard to keep track. You’re taking portraits, group shots, candid shots, low-light shots, and many more kinds of shots within the span of a single day and then you have to sit down and comb through hundreds, even thousands, of photos to choose the best few and work on them further. 

This kind of diversity also requires that you have multiple lenses at your disposal. You can’t just walk into a wedding shoot with your kit lens if you want to make real money with your photography. While a portrait lens and a wide-angle zoom are the basic lenses you should always have, people often tend to forget about the importance of a macro lens for wedding shoots. 

Macro Lenses are Creative 

A macro lens can be used to take close-up shots of various elements of a wedding. You can photograph table arrangements, flowers, and the food menu with a macro lens. You can take creative photos of things like napkins and the cutlery being used. You will need a macro lens to create the perfect ring shots too.

Macro lenses are great for all of these creative shots because they let you get in really close to the subject and also because they offer a very, very shallow depth of field if that is what you want. So little details of a wedding can be captured in a lot of detail and a lot of focus placed on them. 

So, this has been a very short but important guide as to why you should consider investing in a macro lens. You can make do without it as well, but even the best photo editing software for Mac and Windows won’t be able to help you get the look you can have with a dedicated macro lens for certain types of photos.