Remember these Things when Covering a Wedding

As a photographer, one needs to be very aware of all the intricacies to be taken care of when covering any sort of event. People pay their hard earned money to photographers to take photos that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. More important than money is the trust people put in their photographer for the coverage of their special occasions.

None of these events, in our opinion, is more important and personal as a wedding. A wedding is the celebration of love between two people, of the new bond being formed between two families. A couple spends months and years planning their wedding day, and then put all their faith in a photographer to make sure that their happiness is captured for years to come.

As with any event, covering a wedding ceremony requires that photographers keep certain things in mind. Some of these are as follows:

  • Be Prepared

A photographer needs to be prepared for the very long day to come. This means not only being mentally prepared but also to have enough supplies to last all day. Multiple camera bodies, backup lenses, a handful of batteries, and backup memory cards are some things you should definitely take along. It’s always crucial to be prepared for the worst when it comes to wedding photography.

  • Take a Variety of Lenses

There might be one lens that you always love to shoot with, but it’s smart to take a variety of lenses because you never know what kind of a situation you’ll find yourself in. A prime lens is great for portraits, but you’ll need a wide angle lens for those group shots. A telephoto lens will come in handy when you want to take some candid shot from a distance. Just make sure that all your lenses have a wide aperture so you don’t run into issues when the lights go down.

  • Notice the Small Stuff

A wedding is comprised of little moments that add up to a day. The smiles, the laughter, the surprise; all these expressions are priceless and are what make a wedding shoot much more meaningful than just photos of the bride and groom. Take photos of the wedding rings, of the shoes, of the food, of all the little things that matter. Look for different perspectives but don’t experiment too much. A wedding day is not something you can compromise on as a photographer.

  • And Finally – Don’t Make it About Yourself

So many photographers can get mad and frustrated when they don’t get what they want from a shoot. Yes, it’s important to take your work seriously but please just remember that it’s not your day. A wedding photographer must try to stay as much in the shadows as possible. Don’t come in front of people. Don’t make your presence obvious. Not only will this cause a hindrance for people but will also make them conscious of your presence, ruining your chances of getting candid photos.


So every time you get a chance to cover someone’s wedding, follow these suggestions to make sure you do your best to make their day as memorable as can be.