Vital Things for Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding may seem like a very daunting task, and it really is. There are multiple things to keep in mind, various technicalities to take care of, and a million (not literally) decisions to make. So if you have already made up your mind to have a wedding soon, here are some of the most important things you should note down somewhere.

The Number of Guests

First and foremost, decide how many guests are going to be invited to your big day. Many of the decisions about the event depend on this number. Which venue will have enough space for them? Will it be too congested or too empty? How much food do you need? How many tables and chairs? All of these and many more things need to be decided after the number of guests is confirmed.

The Date of Your Wedding

Many couples forget to take into account public holidays, summits, or any other such thing when setting the date for their wedding day. Be sure that your wedding doesn’t coincide with anything important. If it does, then make sure that you plan everything keeping in mind the additional traffic and lack of rooms for your guests to stay in.

The Weather

While you cannot avoid the weather, you can do your best to control it. If your wedding is on a hot summer day, make sure you have enough air conditioning for your venue. If it’s on the cold winter day, try not to have it out in the open.

The Meal Plan for the Crew

Always remember to create a different meal plan for the different vendors, singers, photographers, and other crew at your wedding. If you have enough money then sure, feed them to lobster too but if you want to save some cost, finalize a menu for them that costs you a little less.

The Priority List

You may have thought about making a number of lists of to-dos in your lifetime and never gotten around to making them, but this one step is crucial for any successful wedding event. You need to prioritize things and then create logical lists as to what needs to be done and when. Figure out who you can trust to do which task and hand out responsibilities. Let one thing happen before you move on to the next. You can’t order a cake before deciding the flowers, you can’t hire vendors before confirming the date, and you can’t talk to bands before you’ve booked a venue.

Just do everything one at a time in a logical order, and you’ll see how efficiently your wedding plans will take shape.