What Lens Should You Use?

Lenses are a crucial part of a photographer’s arsenal. These are the eyes through which you see an event, and each lens showcases the world in a different way.

For a wedding event, it’s important to use a variety of lens types for different situations. Each kind of lens will work in a different kind of setting, which is why we will discuss some of the most important lens types you should consider using when taking photos at a wedding.

  1. A Portrait Lens

A portrait lens is very important for any wedding because this is what you’ll be using most of the time to take photos of the bride and groom. Often prime in nature, these lenses usually have a focal range of 50mm or 85mm. They have wide apertures so you can get those buttery smooth bokeh backgrounds. Being prime lenses, they have very strong image quality and very sharp results.

  1. A Wide Angle Lens

A wide angle lens is crucial when you need to take photos of people in groups as well as the overall venue. It fits more in the frame without requiring you to move too far back from your subjects. A wide angle lens can have a focal range from 16mm to 24mm. Anything under 16mm of focal range will likely cause the edges of your photos to distort quite noticeably and is generally considered to fall into the category of super-wide or fisheye lenses.

  1. A Telephoto Lens

While it may seem like a weird choice, having a nice telephoto lens will help you take great candid photos of the attendees at the wedding without them noticing your presence. This is very important to capture the essence of a wedding. You will be able to take some really natural photos without making yourself too obvious or causing any disturbance in the festivities.

  1. A Macro Lens

A wedding is made of small things that often photographers forget about. A macro lens will let you capture those little things. From the couple’s rings to the food at the party, you’ll be able to take highly detailed and creative photos of the seemingly small elements that make up a wedding event.


No matter what your shooting style is, it is always a good idea to carry different lenses with you at a wedding. You really never know what kind of situation you’re going to find yourself in, and it’s best to be prepared beforehand rather than worry as to what you should do.